Acquisition & Management of Distressed Assets

FTC acts as a principal and can purchase public and private securities, loans, claims and interests in various parts of the capital structure of corporate and other financial assets in the United States.

By way of example, FTC can directly purchase Commercial and Residential Real Estate bonds, loans (whether through direct assignments or participations) and bankruptcy claims. It can hold equity and sell equity that is distributed as part of a bankruptcy or a restructuring. It can foreclose on and dispose of collateral securing loans and other debt instruments.

FTC actively looks for unique opportunities for which it can provide creative solutions. One off transactions are welcome; however, portfolios are preferred. The minimum size for a one off transaction is $250,000 par value. Portfolio minimum of $100M at par value. We look forward to discussing how FTC can work with you. Please contact Doug Rogers or James Bates at 800-382-3890.